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I use webtrees

Our family’s ancestry is now available online, tracing back to William Burton in 1731. With the power of technology, this information is conveniently accessible to all. As you explore, appreciate the dedication that went into uncovering each detail – a testament to technology’s value. Let’s learn about our rich ancestry together.

Our customer-focused cafe now offers wireless charging, eliminating the need for cords and outlets. Enjoy your coffee and charge your device without limitations.

Playing around with mark 2 version of chargemeup

A Python base app hosted on the WEB Page  it thinks like me
Python does the maths to tell am i working base on any date


My Home Automation Home Assistant

Local Control of all my lights even my gas heater TV 

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The above create the invoice and emails them to the Clients 

I upgraded my network and the results were incredible! Thanks to Simons Technologies for their amazing support and expertise. This experience was fantastic and I learned a lot. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to optimize their network. Thanks for reading!