MYLE (Making Your Life Easy)

MYLE stands for (Making Your Life Easy).

I will be its time to upgrade the site this will be version 3

MYLE was established to develop software applications that clients can use to assist in manageing aspects of their business. While applications cannot on their own ensure compliance or meet specified requirements they can be a useful tool to assist managers or owners of company's manage their business. MYLE have the dedication to fulfil the name of their business for their clients, which is to

Can design applications to meet specific clients needs or clients can select a standard application or database from the growing range available.


A list of Software I have Written


Hazard Management System Click here

CMS Click here

Golf score web site Click here does real time scoring demo site


I am rewritting this site .....

what am I going to use this site for Im just going to put my ideas and fixes I come cross.

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cv - Stephan McKillen.pdf (1.92 mb)


what I have been doing

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I see people have commented about my style of writting.
Well I have dislexia so spelling is not one of my good points
but when it comes to reading/written code thats the easy bit.




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